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STEM Education

Learning Kit




Light-controlled Automatic Window

It has the function of sensing the intensity of light to automatically adjust the opening and closing of the window according to the brightness of the environment.


Smart Rain Control Window

When there is raining, the tiller executes the swing to close the window body controlled by the raindrop sensor.


Smart Human Body Induction Lamp

When a person enters the sensing area of the module, the sensor module will output a high level pulse or delay signal which can directly operate the LED lamp indicator and the lamp will light up, vice versa.


Smart Temperature Control Fan

The temperature and humidity sensor module is able to control the fan according to the temperature and humidity information of the indoor environment.


Environmental Monitoring System

It is based on the principle of detecting the air quality through different air quality sensing modules installed in the room and transmitting it to the computer using Zigbee modules or Bluetooth modules, which can automatically analyze the quality of our surroundings and what measures to take to improve the air quality.


Music Door Bell

The doorbell consists of a passive buzzer and a touch sensor which visitors can listen and enjoy the music while waiting for the door open.


Smart Access Control

It used a coded electronic lock realized by using matrix keypad sensor module and S90 servo, which
function of entering the correct code on the matrix keypad sensor module in order to open the door.

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