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About Stemhub

With STEMhub, everyone can build their own IoT system, interactive program, in an easiest to use IDE in order to bring the future into now.


STEMhub technology company is founded by a group of technology education passionate professionals and aims to provide the best STEM education solutions combining IoT, AI and 5G technology in a classroom.

STEMhub technology lies at the heart of our fast, scalable and easy to use platforms for building innovative solutions which extract value from unstructured narrative.

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At Stemhub, it is our mission to extend these benefits to every child we meet. The coding ability is essential in the trend. 


To promote the creative STEM education platform and provide the best learning platform to primary and secondary school.


We aim to cultivate the interest of programming to children that will prepare them for a better future.


We have a comprehensive curriculum designed to enhance digital literacy, develop interdisciplinary skills, and stimulate different types of intelligence.

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