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M1 Car

A multi-functional smart car realized with Micro:bit and imagination!

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Smart Car with Diversity

M1 Car is a smart car programmed with Micro:bit, a pocket-sized microcomputer, and gathered with many utility components. See below to understand more about our car's capabilities.

Detect Obstacle and Avoid!

This is not just some typical headlight, it also comes with the feature of detecting obstacles  in front of it and move away!

Be Creative! Program it Yourself!

You can program the car yourself, using their simple and block-like programming method or javascript! 

Identify and Follow the Line!

O1CN01wL9ARl1Qnf5xJLmzS_!!138512021 (1)_edited.png

This sensor is used to track a black line on the ground, and thus leading the car to follow it!

Drive or Drift! Control Freely!

Our car is capable of moving in whatever way you want, 360 degrees all supported!

Achieve even more with our powerful plugins, such as...

Advanced Intelligent Camera

color recognitionV3.png

Color Recognition

Object Recognition

Image Recognition

Human Recognition

object trackingV2.png

...and capable of
many more!

Object Tracking

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More Extension Tools



The loader is of big capacity, simulates the situation on sites, can stably and safely carry an amount of gravel, concrete, etc.


Adjust the gripper according to your desired speed, so that you can grab anything in front! 



This simulates the movement in real life, carrying an object horizontally to the place you want to settle.

Trolley Plate with Ultrasonic Sensor

The interaction between high-sensitivity ultrasonic sensors and trolley can easily push the object to the destination.

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Integration with a Smart City

M1 Car is the core of our smart city. With the assist of sensors and a network, our car is able to interact with a simulated city, and become an automatically driven car. In the process of integration, participated students may learn more about sensors and coding in an interesting journey.

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